Increase FaceBook Likes

Everyone in this world is using Facebook nowadays. So if they are using FB they are aware of the revolutionary Like Button. People posting images for likes,comments, all want to see maximum number of likes on their post,picture,pages. 

A large numbers of likes will mean maximum reach to the users. So everyone needs maximum number of likes, Specially if you own a page.

But how do you get the likes on your pages. Ask your friends to like? But that wont be enough.
So I have come up with some nice techniques to increase your facebook likes on pages,images,post,comments,display images, cover pictures. 

How can be used to Increase Facebook Likes?

Addmefast is One of the websites which help in  increasing your likes.Its awesome feature is that there will be more than 1000 k visitors at any moment. So if you have points, you will get points very quickly. Let’s check out how to get facebook likes from Addmefast.
#1: Create an account on Add Me Fast.
#2: Next step is to buy some credit points or earn some points. You could get points with some dollars. If you don’t want to loss money, start liking, sharing, viewing others stuffs.
#3: After you earn some points, click on Add Site/Page button.
#4: There you can add what type of social credit you can receive. [For eg: Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Page like etc]
#5: After filling details, click save button.

Now you can see that your Page/photo getting likes quickly until your gained points finishes or till the desired limit.
NB: 1. It is better to give points not less than 7. If you give 10 points, it will have more priority than lower points.
2. If you are not purchasing credits, it would better to create a fake Facebook account and start liking others pages/ photos. Otherwise it will annoy your friends.
Add me fast also provides points for Daily Login and for referring friends.

Like4Like Facebook Like Exchanging program

Like4Like is another Social Credit exchanging program like above mentioned addmefast. Even if both have same feature, addmefast is better than that of like4like. Design and user experience features are comparatively low for like4like. But the important advantage is it’s huge traffic.
In case of Visitors amount, like4like holds the second position after addmefast. So whenever you add your photos, pages for liking with others, you will get the result quickly. Another thing is that there is no need of using like4like if you are familiar with addmefast.

There are many other social credit exchanging websites like addmefast and like4like. But most of them are time sucking because of low visitor amount. Even if you earn some credits and put your page for likes, it may took weeks or even months for getting like. So please use any of the above two for social credit exchanging.

Autolikers for getting quick Facebook Likes free

Now Lets talk about the most brutal way of getting Facebook Likes. Its possible with AutoLikers. From the name itself, its clear that something  automatically likes our page, status. Yes its some peace of Code that exactly requires your Facebook token to exchange likes between people on the same website. There are lot of such services but only some of them actually works.
Be sure that you are not using autolikers with your real account. just create a fake account and use autolikers to like your real pages status, profile pictures etc. It is because sharing access tokens of  Facebook is like sharing your password. So be Careful.
Below are some of the currently working autoliker webpages.
Among above websites, Once I received 200 quick likes from for my profile picture. Again I am warning you not use these websites with your real Facebook if. Create fake account and then only try autolikers.

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  6. I was too lazy to click all those sponsored fanpages myself.
    So i assigned a freelancer to gain coins for me.
    This exchanging concept works like charm. actually why would someone pay hundreds of usd when we can help each other gain more likes spending nothing?
    I have also tried Shareyt and Paid2Like and the later is going viral atm, particularly because users can earn rewards for their activity on that site.
    Also worked on like4like but less ads nowadays.
    Please share more resources of this kind.

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